Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Education Rejection

As a young artist I grew up in the shadow of my older brother. It was not his fault, he excelled at a faster rate than most, both in height and artistic talent. Really the hardest part of this situation was having the same art teachers as him, but two years later.

There are two incidents that stick out in my memory. The first was in fourth grade in Miss Kline's art class. I was cranking away on a piece I was quite proud of at the time. Probably something with a dinosaur in it, knowing myself. Then just as I'm about to finish scribbling in the tail Miss Klien bends down to tell me. "That's ok, but you are nowhere as good as your brother." Ouch!

The next incident was in high school. This was a much more detrimental blow considering that at this point I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was in A.P. portfolio with Mrs. L. Granted, I sat at a table of four and we were all Jokers, but we weren't that bad. Not bad enough to deserve Mrs. L. coming up to me near the end of the year as I am about to turn in my portfolio to the review board and saying. "Your painting style is ridiculous and your never going anywhere painting like that." Not the most motivating statement a teacher could give a high schooler. I mean this is something I heard in grad school, but to a high schooler? In the end I went to the same college that Mrs. L went to and out-shined her. I also used her as my model when I became a teacher. I just did the opposite of all the things that she did, and it works pretty well.

In the end I am not bitter. These were both motivating experiences, as awful as they were at the time. I even picked up Mrs. L off the side of the road in a snow storm when her van broke down. And as for Miss Klien, well she still sucks. After all she did yell at a kid in my class for being color blind.

Rob Servo

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