Thursday, December 9, 2010

A mother's love

      As a child I was never really that interested in art. I liked to color in coloring books—My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite. My younger brother was always the artistic one from a very early age. But as I grew older and began to explore various artistic mediums, my mother stood by and encouraged me, especially as I pursued my creative goals at a NY art school. The subject matter of my work was a little off the wall at times, but my mother was always proud of what I created and would show off my work to anyone that was in her home...whether they wanted to see it or not...

     I went through a little phase in school and during that time I painted a bunch of nude self portraits. After my schooling I moved to California for about five years, but came back to visit one Christmas holiday season, two years ago, in fact. I walked into my childhood home in Haworth, NJ where many of my paintings were proudly hung on the wall by my mother. Now, let me explain: My paintings from that period were rather large and somewhat explicit—many of them portrayals of nude scenes and sexual scenarios left for the viewer to discern. I walked past my brother's old room, now revamped by my mother. What I saw was one of my earlier large scale nude self portraits. I was horrified but flattered to have such a devoted fan! Shortly thereafter my mother was gently encouraged to take a few paintings off the wall...

     So I would say that my mother was and is the biggest source of encouragement for me just as she has been in many other areas of my life!

-Anonymous, NJ

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  1. This artist is just truly an absolute genius...I need to meet her.

    Love your blog, my friend.