Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parents and children

My husband was about 10 years old when he told his mom that he wanted to write stories. She told him that he'd never make any money doing that, and discouraged him from pursuing it. Then when he was about 12, he wanted to go to the symphony, and she said no way, that was for sissies.

Well, he ended up as a mechanic, and then when his back got too bad to continue, he became a realtor (this was in conjunction with his stint as Mr. Mom, of course!) And, I think that experience really colored his support / approval of our son's desire to be a writer. Tommy was 7 years old when he "sold" his first story to our next-door neighbor (something about broccoli gone wild). Ever since then, he has been single-minded in his desire to be a writer, and we have not tried to change that (although, I have to admit I do keep asking how he's going to support himself while waiting for his first published work to be sold!)

We really try never to shoot down our children’s dreams, (like wanting to be on American Idol, or wanting to play for the Yankees), and do what we can to support them.

-anonymous, Syracuse, NY

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  1. That's wonderful , that they support there childrens dreams. The child will gorw up and fill in the gaps in his parents awareness about how he will sustain himself and earn a livilihood. Figuring out how to earn a livilihood should be left to the child for when he grows up and the parents just have to support and expose the child to the realities of how life is maintained and the child will do just fine as an adult because he will find the balance for himself and earn a living and pay his rent sharing his parents values and his own.