Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dreams of cabinets and self-motivation

    My first experience with art was when I was 5 years old. I watched my older brother color the cover of his note book. His note book had fish on it and it was black and white. I watched him color it. At that time I did not know he had not drawn the fish. I discovered that fact years later when I was older, about 12, and found the note book in the closet. When I examined it I realized he had not drawn the fish and just colored in the blank space. 
    When I was 5 and watching him, I fell asleep. I had a dream that all the cabinets in the kitchen were flying open and from that point on I never stopped thinking about drawing and never stopped drawing despite my surroundings. There was no praise. No one saw what I did but I knew I wanted to do it. When I put together a portfolio in order to be admitted into the Art and Design High School they rejected me. I was sad. But I was admitted into the Erasmus Hall Academy of the arts and continued drawing. While people laughed at what I did in those days, I have met those people since and they don't laugh anymore . =)

    In closing you we make art because it engages all our senses, and that is why you say I love doing this. Because all your senses are engaged! Also the feeling of autonomy and learning to drive one self is so delicious.

Jose Delacruz

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